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  • I notice the datasheet says the default baud rate is 115200. I think the FTDI stuff from sparkfun at least (e.g. DEV-09716) is stuck at 57600 (at least that's the rate the works for me with avrdude).

    So hopefully you could get twice the upload speed when using non-rev3 Arduinos (e.g. sparkfun Arduino pro, pro mini, etc.). Sparkfun can you confirm this?

    Together with the avrdude -V option to disable verification edit/compile/debug of large sketches becomes much less painful.

  • To be specific about why they have a bad name, FTDI released windows drivers that deliberately bricked FTDI clones. In other words they deliberately destroyed the hardware of users that likely had no idea they were even using a clone. I've been eager to ditch them for good ever since I learned this.

  • The hookup guide doesn't seem to say what to do for SPI.

    I think you just move the 10k to the SPI position, and remove the solder blob labeled PU (since SPI doesn't want pull-up)?

  • Anyone had success just potting it in epoxy poured up to the stainless collar? I need to submerge in about 10 ft water. Only other interface is the wires for one-wire talk I guess they can pass out of epoxy potting safely despite rubber coating on wires?

    Also, I ran into sources saying you get +-10 in water from barometric changes if you don't have an external sensor for atmosphere, anyone know a cheap one that works ok for this purpose?

  • Are the header tails long enough that they plug in ALL THE WAY without the PCB running into the USB header?

    I have a proto shield from Makershed that uses too-short tails, caused intermittent connection wasted a bunch of my time

  • WANT MORE XBEE DONGLES AHHWHWHH WMORE MORE MORE WHWEhhHHUnnnger why can these not be back ordered?

  • BBB is actually about $25 cheaper, but...

    With BBB you get the fun of writing your own kernel driver if you want any hope of decent latency on DIO ADC etc. Even just using the (slow) userspace IO interface on the BBB is largely undocumented, obsolete-documented, and generally a huge pain compared to Arduino.

    That said, I'm not sure I'll abandon my chosen solution of Arduino + BBW where needed just yet. I'm curious how stable the Lineno is and wonder how easy it is to upgrade software on it?

  • It looks like the LN298 is only rated to operate at -25 C. I'd like to use it at -40 C. Is it likely to work, or can I somewhere get one of these rated for lower temps?

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