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  • How about a project "sponsership" program?
    People submit ideas (I know lots of work to read and evaluate) on a first come first serve basis for the aforementioned parts. There are several comments that indicate that people would be interest in the excess inventory for projects. Qualifying projects would be required to advertise the origin of the donation. Maybe throw in a few related or otherwise crazy items for a discount, and release a "project pack" that could be targeted to schools or hackerspaces or just plain everyone who likes to tinker. I don't know, I'm just going off the top of my head.

  • I bet you're doing something with LEDs... just a guess

  • step 1) Permanent magnet dc generator with capacitor buffered output
    step 2) switch mode power regulation (sometimes approaches 95% efficiency or greater)
    step 3) optional temporary storage for when output is really low (think one or two exercisees), something like lead acid batteries
    step 4) utility certified inverter
    steps 3 and 4 can serve a whole gym, but each exercise unit would require it's own generator and power regulation. Things like rowing machines could spin a flywheel for added efficiency and regularity.
    Wired Mag had pretty much this idea in one of their artifact from the future pages a few years back.

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