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  • Hi everyone! I’ve been following the sparkfun blog for awhile now, but this is my first time commenting. :)
    I read this thinking it was an awesome idea, on top of me looking for a new project.. plus I have an idle CNC mill hanging around.. so I decided to run the numbers.
    It doesn’t look good. Assuming you generate about 0.5hp or around 375 watts, (a very high estimate) and the gym runs for 10 hours and has 10 people in it at all times. This is ignoring efficiency, and assumes the gym will have 10 people in it at all times. This is just a rough guess, but I think it might not be too far off, as not many people will be there 9-5, but weekends may have lots of people, etc.
    From my friend WolframAlpha:
    375Watts * 10 * 10Hours =
    37.5 kW h (kilowatt hours)
    = energy released by combustion of one gallon of gasoline
    Before all the losses generating electricity, storing it, inverting it…
    Now, this is just a guess, a prototype would obviously give you more realistic numbers.

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