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  • An example of Geek Camouflage

  • I’m guessing that Robert is recovering from some medical procedure where they had to shave his face, and is too embarrassed to be seen on camera beard-less. We will see him again when the magic beard grows back. Just be patient and remember that magical beards take many weeks to grow back.

  • Eh, so I didn’t even know that you sold crimp pins, and now I find out that you’ve sold 5 million of them. That’s a lot of crimp pins. I had no idea. But, how many header pins have you sold, I would think that would be more.

  • During an archaeological dig, Red Rover discovers a frozen prehistoric human, from a place once known as “Colorado”.

  • If you like that, you’ll like the cube root trick: you can quickly determine the cube root of any two digit number that has been cubed by looking at the first 3 digits and the last digit of the answer. I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out how.

  • Do team members need to register as spectators, or is that included?

  • Couldn’t agree more. This will be a great excuse for everyone to raise prices. Get ready to pay more!

    My bigger fear is that the big companies will now use the new government regulations (along with their big buck lobbyists) to create government enforced monopolies and we will have traded a minor amount of corporate censorship for a much greater amount of government enforced censorship of the internet. A big win indeed.

  • One thing that I’ve learned from the AVC is that the more complicated you make your bot and the more special cases you put in to make it handle different problems, the more likely it is to catastrophically fail. Robots and coffee makers need to do the basics and do them very well before they try to do anything at all complex.

  • I like these: Hobbico Strippers

  • I’m sorry to say that I decided not to participate in this sale. There were several items that I would have been interested in, if the sale wasn’t so artificially difficult. In the end, I decided to buy from another electronics place that has a more reasonable and a customer friendly format sale (that is, I can buy at all one time, when it is convenient for me; which is important because I have a day job).

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