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  • Isn’t 3V really low for a lipo? I’ve always heard that they should never be discharged below 3.5v. I’m guessing that you will be throwing out that battery soon.

  • Ok, well I can still read the numbers off the video feed. Also, I second the request for oblique angles. Anyway, thanks for doing this test, it should be super helpful; you guys are awesome!

  • I know that you were talking about using plastic barriers for PRS course, is this still true?

    Also, any chance that you can publish the raw data for the tests that you did?

  • Please do put an off-road track (or portion of the track) on the suggestion list! Very cool idea!

  • I love that the course is no longer square (it was getting kinda old and tired)! And lowering the fences is also great. But, could you get away from the hay bales please? They are really hard for sensors to see (IR rangers and sonar in particular). Plastic barriers would be a lot nicer on the bots.

    I really like the idea of autonomous Power Racers, but the much larger size and associated costs will make it a lot harder for newcomers to get into, so please keep the classic AVC around for a while! Looking like it will be awesome this year!

  • Thanks! II think I understand now; the Rx line (serial input) has a 1K resistor to protect it, and the 3.3V on the Tx output pin should be enough to trigger the 5V input on the FTDI.

  • The OLED block is the best. Most projects need to include some sort of user interaction and the OLED block provides for both input and output. You get two buttons and a small joystick for input; great for making a simple user interface. The OLED is a small 64x48 pixel graphical display, which is perfect for making a simple handheld gaming console. It also works well for displaying sensor values, and for showing any other sort of values when debugging. That is why it is my favorite block.

  • You might want to clarify the 5V vs 3.3V stuff. It looks like it is 3.3V logic, but then you say to use 5V to program it. Are you saying to supply 5V to VIN? (which does say that it can handle up to 5.5V). Are the TX/RX pins level shifted to/from 5V, or are they just 3.3V tolerant? Are any of the other pins 5V tolerant?

  • Geek chic goes to new heights

  • Don’t taze me bro!

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