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  • It’s a good idea, but I don’t get the price. I mean this is just an arduino mashed up with a breadboard. I could buy both of those for like $6 from China (maybe not the highest quality, but still, if I want to go for the best name brand stuff, $30 and still saving a lot).

  • Any chance we could get a demo video of the sweep? Preferably with some outdoor testing? That would be cool to see.

  • That’s just silly, pants aren’t patented, they’re pantented!

  • Can you write me a TLDR

  • This board has a much better IMU sensor. The old one used 3 separate chips for accel, gyro, and mag, while this board uses the all in one MPU-9250 IMU. That alone makes it better, no issues with small misalignments, but also, the newer sensor is generally better; less noise and more sensitive.

  • What happens when you cross a land shark with AVC: Sharkfun!

  • You might want to put a flyback diode on the main relay; when I built the circuit I had a lot of problems with the input pins on my microcontroller getting flipped by the switching noise from the relay. Moving the microcontroller further away from the relay also helps.

  • Hey, this is great, but if you decide to upgrade it, consider breaking out a couple of DIO pins; I like to reprogram mine, and having just two pins would be sooo handy.

  • So, the breakout is “slightly more expensive” (yeah, 67% more!); I’m not saying that is unjustified, but what does it give you that would be worth paying a lot more? Okay, I get that it breaks out all the pins, but is that all, or is there something else? In every project that I’ve used an IMU, I’ve just used the I2C interface, so I’m wondering if there is something big that I’m missing?

  • I’ve been using my FTDI basic to program arduino pro minis for years without any problems, until today when it bricked two in a row. The FTDI is 5V, the pro minis are 5V, but after trying to program them, they are now unresponsive. My other FTDI is able to program other pro minis, and my voltmeter says that the board is at 5V, but now I’m freaked out. Do I just toss the bad FTDI basic and buy a new one, or should I be worried that it is something else? I did notice in the last few days that when I had it plugged in and opened a serial terminal and then after closing it, the pro mini would start to blink like crazy, like it was constantly and quickly being reset, until I unplugged the USB cable.

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