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  • Wow, such a bargain price!

  • Really hard to see anything from a 2D picture -- still looks really cool!

  • The one persistent problem that I've had with the 32U4 is that sometimes it won't talk to my computer. I've found that plugging/unplugging the USB sometimes works, sometimes I plug it into a different USB port. Sometimes I get really frustrated and reboot. Eventually, it always works, but can take several tries. Doesn't seem to be computer specific either. Never have this problem with the 328; I figure that it is the USB serial interface on the 32u4 that is the problem. The annoyance factor makes me stay away from the Leonardo, pro micro, etc. I just don't care anymore, there are so many other options.

  • This looks like a great improvement over the original TFMini. However, I have a couple of concerns. What is that connector? Looks like something that I will have to cut off and add a more usable (0.1" header) connector. Also, those wires look really thin, what is the gauge? Datasheet says up to 500mA current. Can those thin wires handle that much?

    Description says that it does I2C communication, but all I saw in the documents was UART. Did I miss I2C?

    Looks cool, but a hookup guide would be much appreciated! Thanks for coming up with all the great new products!

  • Does it really only have 16K of RAM? Seems kind of puny, especially for a board that has 128Mb of flash!

  • Hey, what's the cool looking airplane?

  • I'd be interested to hear how the purpose has evolved over time. And how the competition has evolved. And where do you think it is going in the future?

  • Nate and Pete: What do you consider to be the purpose of the AVC?

  • So, I currently use the BNO055 as an IMU for robotics (and it works quite well, other than the compass, which is lacking). How is the BNO080 different? Does it have an improved sensor, or does it just have better firmware for VR applications and such? If this sensor is similar, I'm very excited that I can get it from SparkFun in the Qwiic format (which is awesome)!

  • Really, clear LEDs pictured on a white background? Stealth mode enabled!

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