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I’ve been a lifelong tinkerer, I learned to solder when I was 6, yet for some odd reason I never moved beyond analog circuits until I was 28 when I finally bought an Ardunino last March, since then nothing’s been the same as I can’t even look at just about anything without thinking about how I could incorporate a microcontroller. I ran a small stage lighting business for a while, hence the screen name, and I’m seriously considering getting back into the game now that I can actually build my own DMX-controlled LED lighting which would be far more versatile and far less expensive than the full set of 0-10v analog (triac) controlled halogen lights I bought 10 years ago.


I technically belong to a bunch of organizations, yet the Chelmsford Linux Meetup group is the only one I attend regularly at the current time. There is a hacker space a few towns over that I’ve been meaning to join, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Spoken Languages

English, But with enough beer, I have been known to attempt speaking in programming languages.

Programming Languages

C++, PHP, Perl, Wiring/Processing/Arduino.


The internet. I learned the hard way after two semesters that my brain just isn’t wired for textbook learning, so the majority of my electronics education has come from datasheets, tutorials, blogs, and years of tearing stuff apart to see what’s inside.


I’m the guy everyone calls when they get a new gadget that they can’t figure out how to use.


I’m a student of all sciences, but no web server has the capacity to list everything I find interesting. Most of my interests can be summed up with a quote from the movie Apollo 13: “I don’t care about what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do”.

  • Hey, just wondering if anyone thought of any uses for this that don’t include slicing open one’s skin (or swallowing it like a pill for that matter).
    Here’s one idea that comes to mind, I could drill a small hole in every tool I have with a plastic handle, drop one of these things in, top it off with some hot glue, and bingo, if anybody takes anything out of my tool chest, I know exactly what and when.

  • I doubt you’re gonna find a 3mm LED that will show through the rubber, but maybe punching through the button surface would allow it to show.
    My guess is that the hole is there for the shaft of a “tall” tactile switch as an alternative to membrane switches, or that it was just a part of the molding method.

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