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  • looking at rPi form factor, it would be better to have long header version instead. With this one it's just impossible to get the stacked pcb going over the usb or lan ports.

  • Dear Microsoft, we found hackers using your Windows OS, please share your customer data for the past 20 years. X(

  • It sounds like what we call in EMEA a "Belgium virus": Someone is stealing credit card numbers, please help us to catch him by sending all the credit card numbers you may know. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • You will be more than happy to see a French senior, huber skilled in electronic but not in English, start to work on this AVR thanks to this guide and then create something interesting for you. The more we are, the best it is.

  • And what about our Captain Cousteau accent !? No way. We'll loose all our sex appeal...

  • If the t24 can't support well known algorithms for encryption, you can develop easily maths formula very hard to break.
    It can be safer to use your own little crypto, than use one with lot of hack tools on the web...
    I've updated my FOB, it send the usual button packet and just after a sequence of 2 int.
    The first one is increasing each time, the second is a result of maths operation on the first one.
    The packet can't be replayed and a hacker will have to wait a loooooot of key presses before being able to reverse-eng the code.

  • I'm looking for the same. Will you share your code ?

  • Can this FOB be flashed via an Arduino in ISP mode ?

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