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  • Product COM-11594 | about a year ago

    One other question - if I was to try cut it to a smaller size for use in a project (which seems sacrilegious to do to something so amazing), would some remaining parts near to the couple lose their light? For example, if a complete cut was made halfway down the 75cm length, would the remaining 40x37.5cm section near the couple stay at 100% of original brightness, or would some parts of it not light completely anymore?

  • Product COM-11594 | about a year ago

    Great item! What’s the diameter of the fiber bundle couple on the side?

  • Product SWG-10893 | about 2 years ago

    Could you make a more durable one of these (i.e. something other than paper)? I tried one on the back of my car, but the dirt and grime of winter killed it in less than three weeks.

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