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  • I'd like to drive this with an ESP8266-1 gpio pin. I see some notes about 3.3V compatibility, but I won't have 5V, just 3.3V.


    Thanks, Chris.

  • Thanks. I'm using some sample code from and it uses an Interrupt, Timer2, but they're saying it disables PWM on pins 3 and 11.

    I'm considering using the TLC5940 to get 2 functioning sets of PWMs for 2 RGB strings.

    The question becomes what I can do with code that uses Timer2 and can still talk to the TLC5940 on alternate pins other than 3 and 11.

  • I see more pins on this Fio v3 than on the Arduino Fio. I can't find a definition of which pins are capable of PWM. Can someone help with that please? TIA.

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