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  • My next step is to take it over to the local AT&T celltower, stand under it and see if it’s just deaf and can’t hear the network from the house, even though my ancient GSM cellphone reports 5 bars in EDGE mode.
    If anyone has been successful in using this, I’d really appreciate the feedback.

  • Still no luck - did measure battery current to see what might be going on, using 6.0V supply, current when as far as I can tell only the GPS is running is 110mA. Current spikes every 5 minutes (my lock interval is set to 5 min) to several hundred mA (can’t read peak current, but the Telit module indicates as much as 2000mA peak current), so several hundred on my averaging multimeter indicates to me that the cellular module is transmitting.
    I checked my Gophone account this morning and I do see some activity from yesterday, but it was during the time I had that SIM card inserted in a test cellphone, and not when I was trying to run the Ubertracker.
    I went through the posted firmware, specifically main.c, and see seven references to Cingular (legacy name for AT&T):
    isp.cingular (Cingular SMTP server)
    Based upon this, it certainly looks like it won’t work properly on any other network but AT&T.

  • Got my new Ubertracker. Went over to the AT&T store and acquired a GoPhone SIM, with 500MB data enabled. Checked it on a mobile phone, worked fine, able to send SMS and surf.
    After configuring UT to have a GPS lock interval of 5min, number of logs per report to 1, and send an email to my gmail account, I would expect to see it wake up, send a message, and then return to sleep for 5 minutes before repeating.
    So far, no messages. Is there a debug interface so I can see what’s going on?
    The red LED on the GPS works as expected, it took a minute or two when first powered up out of the box to acquire GPS lock, was solid red then when it got lock it switched to blinking red once every 2 sec. That seems ok.
    The multicolor LED on the mainboard is pretty cryptic.
    1) When first powered up, it blinks green/red multiple times for about 1 second, then goes dark for 6 sec, then solid red for about 35 seconds.
    2) Mainboard LED starts blinking blue. Does this for about 85 seconds, then goes dark for 5 minutes.
    3) Go to 2) and repeat.
    The 2-3 cycle seems to be the reporting interval, but I don’t think it’s acquiring the network and sending info. Any ideas?

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