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  • hey thanks for taking me back to 2008

  • oh and they did try to sell the bad packages, but yea at least not as real 328’s, course I wonder how many of those bunk chips did manage to make it to ebay before they decided it was a bad idea

  • no I would be referring that the majority if not all items here are from china, from the knockoff hakko soldering irons, to the fact they send all their pcb’s to china for printing
    the “shortage” of 328’s mainly applied to the dip form, while they were scarce to the hobbiest they were readily available during that time in qfp (the package SF got bit on) though various US distributors
    but hey, its not like they pass on the savings to you

  • That is funny, the comic you show says “stay diligent only buy devices from authorized resources"
    but yet you buy from sparkhole china for the lowest bid
    here is an idea, quit whining about it and buy from "authorized resources"
    there are plenty of US distributors that will gladly not screw you over

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