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  • I got this book for my 7-year old a few months ago, and he loves it! It's comic-bookish enough that it doesn't seem daunting, and the projects are fun, but not too complicated. The physical quality of the book is good, too. Thick pages and a durable cover so that it won't easily be destroyed by it's intended audience.

  • So I think I've hooked mine (1m strip) up to my Arduino like the example code needs, and nothing turns on at all, whether powered from USB or a 9v/1000mA wall wart. Any tips on how I can figure out what's wrong, or links to a more thorough walk through for using one of these with an Arduino?

  • A few questions in (after a lot of re-loading and logging in) and it was over, but now I'm curious about the rest of the quiz! Hopefully it can be made available without the Free Day prize attached, just for fun.
    Thanks for doing this, SparkFun! You guys (and gals) rock.

  • Yay! I'm just getting started with physical computing stuff, and as such am doing a lot of LED-based projects. I have a few of these that I ordered from Mouser but their site assumes a lot of knowledge and is a bit intimidating (to me). I prefer to order from Sparkfun and Adafruit, so I'm glad to see these here!