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  • As a former designer and buyer for a large aviation manufacturer I have been to just about every supply and producer of electronic parts in the US , and many over seas, I can tell you that PCB’s made in the US are few and far between, The “GREEN” Folks that care about the enviroment have poo poo’d it out of exhistance ..Oh you or any manufacturer can by the chemicals but the cost of getting rid of them at the end of life cycle would put most out of business ( (heavy metal waste) —Quickly The only ones getting it done on any scale are for Gov projects ( they must have a loop hole.. as far As counterfit parts many arent they are rejects that are sold for recycling and resold because the recycler can make more profit…… 71% of failures are assembler fault.. Miss handling product (ESD) or wrong soldering tech (not using heat sinks) and poor soldering

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