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  • Just wondering in relation to recent events. Is the FTDI chip on the programmer board legit?

  • Donate them to a School for the color blind. This is really stupid

  • Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Nate ! You guys have been providing great service and lot of fun and continue to do so, very pleased being your customer for many years. Keep with the good work Cheers Jorge

  • I’d not promote this as a POE board, as you now added on the note this is not even close to be IEEE802.3af complaint. It would be nice if SparkFun puts together a nice reference design for a real POE module. My .02

  • Is there any good reason why the header holes centers are not all in the same line ?

  • I have noticed that you guys have now videos on the products news. It is awesome !!!
    Great way to present new products, much more fun than reading about them and a plus to see them working !!

  • Didn’t see this before, what a stupid claim.
    As somebody else mentioned SPARC is actually an acronym or abreviation so the roots for construing the trademark name are quite different.
    I’ve seen stupid claims from trademark lawyers before and particularly what they are trying to do with regard of internet domain names (aka ICANN circus).
    Hang in there, SPARC sooner or later will go down the toilet while SparkFun will continue to grow and succeed.
    Somebody should call Bill Gates and let him know that some legal services company in CA may be using his last name without authorization.
    This is really ridiculous

  • Thanks for fixing the links !!!
    The Trimble Studio is worth to try.

  • The links to the Copernicus Monitor and Trimble Support Tools are broken.
    This is the related link I found on the Trimble website:

  • I’m a customer from San Antonio, TX. I believe my kids
    will have a blast going to the Maker Faire in Austin.
    Hope to meet you folks over there.
    PS. Thanks again for your excellent service and great products.

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