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  • Hmm, so is the reverse true? Could I make my surface a microphone instead of a speaker...

  • You just don't recognize a great product when you see it. The LPC2148 processor is much better than the Atmega on the mongoose board. Sure, if you wanted to save a couple of bucks, the mongoose board is the better buy. However, if you wanted to implement any kind of control loop or auto-pilot feature the ARM will give you a huge performance advantage.

  • That was my first thought too. Hey there's always the taste test

  • What happen to Fritzing?

  • "once it gets a taste for blood, watch out!"
    Its true! I've seen a quad-copter nearly take of my buddies arm, who was holding the base.
    We fear the quad-copter uprising , however that wont stop us from teaching them to do back flips, navigate as a swarm and yield chainsaws.

  • And here I thought my circuits worked with through the darkest magic conceivable, but now, I finally understand that the circuit is actually visited by an electric distributing easter bunny.
    But in all seriousness, this video was awesome and enlightening. Can't wait for next months

  • Hah, I thought the same thing. Maybe if the order is large enough they will send it in one of these boxes.

  • Not so much a pull up, but a current limiter. When you use a mosfet/mosftet with a microprocessor (pic, avr, etc) that resistor helps protect the mcu's pin from excess current.
    Learned this the hard way building a stepper motor controller

  • Solder, fun to play with, not to eat.

  • It looks like you Ay maxed (check out point 7485 to 7852), however if the senor was the ADXL345 (+- 16 g) its is not likely to be the case. <br />
    <br />
    Also, whats up with your magnetometer data? that must have been one ruff flight

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