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  • Two things - first, if you're going to be doing a bunch of these (from the sound of it you might be), get some pogo pins and mill or 3D print a jig.

    Edit - for replacing the EEProm clip you can likely make a clamshell style one... if you have to deal with a bunch of different board sizes but they're all similar layouts, you might benefit from starting from a 3d-printed table vice model - there are a few floating around on thingiverse

    Second, I'd be curious to know how many skimmers are reported by gas station owners or maintenance people. I'd think you'd want them as an ally in finding the source of these crimes, and I'd worry that a law which fines them would give them a strong incentive not to report. I'm sure that there are cases where they are the perpetrator, but I'd be surprised if most of the pump station owners/operators wouldn't consider themselves victims of this crime as well. Fining them would just increase the number of people injured by the crime and make it harder to track back to its root cause.

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