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  • Isn't the HMC5843 obsolete? When Sparkfun redesigned this board last month, wouldn't it have been better to replace this part with something else, like the HMC5883L? And what about the code? There isn't any code for it!

  • Anybody notice it takes about 400 or so outputs to stabilize from power up (the first 400 samples or about 10 sec worth of data are ramping to a limit if the board is powered up and left still)? Any idea why? Is it just the complexity of the math pipelining it's way through all the calculations to the output? Can anyone get rid of this initial drift other than waiting?

  • Anybody notice the pitch value range is only shown between -80 degrees and +80 degrees? Does anyone know why? Why doesn't it work between -180 and +180 like the roll and yaw?

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