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  • ...you're kidding me.

    I am applying tonight. Fly me out there for an interview and then I'll get you that beer, and I promise it won't be a bribe or anything.

  • I should be thanking you. After two years of upper level electrical engineering courses I have retained more from your videos than my previous lectures. If you are ever in the Orlando area, or we end up crossing paths, you will be having a beer on me.

  • Hey Robert, I'm so sorry you had ti find this out this way. One can only have one thing be their favorite.

    That said I always watch the new product posts and also enjoy them on my lunch break, and in all honesty there is no bad content here. Thanks for everything you guys do.

  • According to Pete is by far the best thing you create all month. I like all the other things, but I do not get near as excited about them as when I see AtP pop up on my YouTube feed. It's seriously the only reason I subscribe to your channel.

    That being said, Sparkfun is defiantly one of my more favorite web pages due to all your content and it's a great way to trick me into buying your stuff. Keep it up!

  • I would suggest Skycraft in Orlando FL. (http://www.skycraftsurplus.com/) It's where I go to start any product, and they do carry some retail things, even though they are mostly a surplus store carrying leftovers from the simulation and defense industries here in Orlando (they have various missile cases hanging from the ceiling from Lockheed and Boeing), and nothing makes me more interested in a surplus store than coming down the road and seeing a UFO parked on their roof.

    Seriously though, most of the tooling they have there is extremely outdated and cheap. It would be nice to be able to buy soldering irons/hot air rework stations/Arduinos/shields from them rather than wait for the mail to get to me.

  • I haven't even watched this yet, but I have to say that the "According to Pete" series has to be my favorite of all the videos/articles that Sparkfun puts out. I've watched each one at least twice, and even set up little breadboard experiments to go along with the videos while I watch to better understand.
    Keep up the awesome videos, they are very helpful,
    Travis, UCF Junior EE undergrad.

  • That's awesome. I was coming down here to say that that is a FSAE vehicle (pre template rule also). I've been a part of University of Central Florida's FSAE program (Knights Racing) for the past 3 years and highly recommend it to anyone in any of the engineering fields.