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  • Sorry. I can't read. I just saw the link for scores.

  • Can you list the points scored by the winners? I want to know what my target is for next year.

  • You want models? I've got 250 students ready and waiting to model stuff in 3D! Right next door to you in fact, CU Boulder Mechanical Engineering. However, I strongly suggest that files be made available in STP or IGS. STL is not useful because it seriously degrades the quality and also is not importable into SolidWorks. I don't know much about the SketchUp files but I think that the professional world is more likely to be interested if you have STEP or IGS.

  • Umm, so if I want to register for the AVC get sent to this page. Does that mean you are going to hold the AVC at his wedding and we are all invited?

  • You can find out more about the robot shown at 0:50 at this website:

    3Dawn Bulldog Robot

  • I've got one of these and it is a game changer. It isn't exceedingly accurate. I use it for things that don't need accuracy better than +/- 0.020". Also, it doesn't handle overhangs at all except for small distances. This is because it doesn't have a separate support material. So, if you want overhangs you need to design in supports then cut them off after the build. Besides these limitations it works wonders. I am a mechanical engineer and it actually is pretty solid considering the cost.

    A few suggestions for you SFE: I replaced put a 4" wide copper plate over the Heated Build Platform (using your heatsink glue in between), then over the top of the copper I bought some 5" wide Kapton tape that I lay down. When you clean the kapton with acetone the ABS sticks really well and makes for a smooth and solid foundation for everything you build that is easily repaired (the kapton tape).

  • Would you mind putting a target on those barrels?
    Also, any points awarded for leaving car parts embedded in the barrels?

  • It would be really helpful if you could nail this down soon. Here's why: If the sides of the arch are narrow then targeting is the method to use in my mind. If the sides of the arch are wide then obstacle avoidance/wall following is an option. The two possibilities mean significantly different sensors & software.

  • Any news on the arch dimensions?!

  • Can I use a 1/18th scale RC car?

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