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  • Word of warning, the ADC on ESP32 is lackluster to be kind, and closer to 'garbage'. Problem #1, ADC module #2 isn't available when using Wifi. Problem #2 arose when tried to use ADC1...it has absolute garbage performance. Values under 0.1mv are flat out ignored, and the response is non linear. Additionally voltages that do register result in a lot of noise. I was only sampling once per second, so I wasn't trying max speed. Top range is configurable with an attenuation register, but by default it tops out at 2.2V. (VREF is not 3.3V!). This took a while to find out. Old Microchip PICs had better A2D performance a decade ago, I don't know why this is so bad. The rest of this product is great. dual core, easy to use wifi, and so on, with good Arduino support (plus ESP provides libraries to work around Arduino and give you full access). Just be sure to buy a Qwicc A2D module or supply your own a2d.

  • For the Thing WROOM, I had to press the '0' button on the board after I the Connect ....____ appears, and release it once it connects. otherwise it does not connect.

    Unfortunately, I have to do this every single time I upload.

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