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  • My entire class of 50 students in physical computing is typing in captchas at 200 a minute

  • I tried your library but couldn't get it to work. You have MOSI and MISO set to different pins in the header, but the 4131 seems to have merged them to 1 pin.
    The 8-lead Single Potentiometer devices are pin limited so the SDO pin is multiplexed with the SDI pin
    (SDI/SDO pin). After the Address/Command (first 6-bits) are received, If a valid Read command has been
    requested, the SDO pin starts driving the requested read data onto the SDI/SDO pin.
    Can you provide an implementation of your library? Or can anyone else point me in the right direction? I know as much about SPI, well lets just say I know that i do not know.

  • This can be addressed in code easily by mapping 0,4096,4096,0 etc
    That surprised the heck out of me, I thought I did something wrong. A better fix may just be 4095 - value. I'm not sure how intensive mapping is. Isn't this a big issue? calling clear sets everything wide open?

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