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  • regarding 1) look for "Firmware Files" under Documents on this page

  • Hi,
    from the schematic it looks as if the outputs from both the LPR530AL as well as the LY530ALH sensor are processed using a HP/LP combination. However, the corresponding (not amplified) outputs (XOUT-1X, YOUT-1X, ZOUT-1X) don't seem to be routed to the Atmega.
    I'd like to be able to use the +/-1200°/s measurement range available on these lines. Is there any way to get access to them?
    Thanks and best regards

  • Hi all,
    I'm trying to connect the Razor 9DOF (AHRS firmware v1.1) to an OpenLog v1.61 module. At 19200 bps everything works as expected but if I change the AHRS code and OpenLogs config.txt to 57600 bps it doesn't. The data is not completely corrupt as what happens if the baud rate is completely wrong. I can still see part of the data columns but it's riddled with a lot of strange characters...
    Any idea what happens here? I've selected "Adruino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) w/ ATmega328" in the GUI...

  • First meaningful data with Razor 9DOF AHRS set to 19200 bps and OpenLog (v2.2) to 9600 bps???

  • Hm, the 2.2 firmware is able to read out the disk info (see above) but if I let Razor AHRS and OpenLog run for a couple of minutes the logfile is there but empty :-(

  • With the 2.2 firmware I was now at least able to read out the card's info:
    Card type: SD2
    Manufacturer ID: 3
    OEM ID: SD
    Product: SU02G
    Version: 8.0
    Serial number: 2611410752
    Manufacturing date: 11/2009
    Card Size: 1931264 KB

  • Different question concerning the latest 2.2 firmware:
    I just tried to use that firmware trying to solve my problem mentioned earlier and found something weird: Although the baud rate is set to 9600 (no config.txt on the card, menu output) I have to connect to the OpenLog with 19200 bps...

  • BTW: I strongly support the idea of creating a trimmed-down version of the firmware that only supports raw logging, i.e. without the menu etc. This would not only allow - as you suggested - to increase the buffer but may also to add additional functionality.

  • Hi, great stuff, already started to assemble five Razor 9DOF+OpenLog for my experiments ;-)
    However, I struggle to get this combination working and hope somebody is able to help me with this. I can connect to the OpenLog with the FTDI cable but "disk" only returns a "error reading disk info" and recording fails as no logfiles are created.
    I'm using the 1.61 firmware with a 2GB card from SanDisk.
    I already had to format the card once with a FAT 16 filesystem and also tried to repartition under Linux (mkfs.msdos)
    Any ideas what could cause these troubles?

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