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  • Hi, I am running into audio problems doing the 2 audio shield w. teensy 3.2 setup. I am using the standard test code example, included at the end of this post. I have removed the pin 15 capacitors on each shield I have done all the mods to the second shield described in the sparkfun tutorial (linked from the quad page): I get the message playing file 1 & playing file 2. The 1/2 channel card works fine. Nothing at all on the 3/4 channel card. There appears to be no data on pin 15. If I temporarily short the pin 22 pad to the pin 15 pad, I get channels 1/2 playing on the 3/4 shield, as you would expect. I built two different boards - each with the same problem. I also tried a modified board I had successfully used in the past - this also didn't work. I also tried setting pin 15 to output mode (not in the example). I've tried running at 96 Mhz and also 72 Mhz. Has something changed re. the support for the Teensy 3.2? I have tried several codes... I should also specify that we did the mods necessary to stack the two audio shields and that we do not have any shorts on the solders that I made ^^ Thanks to anyone who has some ideas!

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