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  • Great bot. Though I must have missed the part where the USB will not power the motors. You need to have the power on the battery pack plugged in for this to work. Also Spark fun I will miss you I am moving to the Netherlands :(. I love the tech support, always helpful, quick delivery time and the most important thing you make any problem right with zero hassle.

  • I have two questions.

    Does anyone know if the arduino Library works with the Mux Shield Version One.

    I am having trouble running the digital example on my Leonardo. The analog example works fine but digital input does not show any change when the button is pressed. I have the Ground and I/O connected to a button. Am I missing something other then a button? I also tried to connect the 5v and I/O to the button still no change.

  • How would I get this rotary encoder https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9117?

    to work with this shield? I am trying to have 4 rotary encoder working with a few buttons.

    Thank you,

  • I have the Duemilanove and copied the script in to run the MUX digital input. This works fine but the Leonardo does not. I'm not seeing any input from a single push button. I'm not sure why.

  • Has anyone used this with a parallax propeller chip? I'm still trying to use this with a micro controller and not having much luck.

  • Could some one point me to a website to hook the LCD to Arduino Duemilanove board.

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