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  • Is there any way you could create a module that runs on 3.3V as well?
    I found that the DS3231 to be a fantastic replacement. The DS3231 will function with a VCC ranging from 2.3V to 5.5V and has a battery backup. Unlike the DS1307, the DS3231 also has an integrated crystal (so no external crystal required), temperature sensor, 2 programmable time-of-day alarms, a 32.768 kHz output pin, and a reset button debounce circuit. And the DS3231 only costs a dollar more (DS1307 cost is $1.36/1k and the DS3231 is $2.55/1k).

  • What are the MICP and MICN pins on the VS1011e? I noticed that they are pin-outs for this break-out board, but the VS1011e data sheet doesn't list their purpose or function.

  • Although this programmer is a little slow, it works great. Just be sure to download the LATEST VERSION OF PonyProg! (If you do not, PonyProg might not detect your MCU)
    And in case you were wondering if it will program your MCU using a 3.3V supply, it does. :-)

  • If you plan to use this dev board with the 3.3V supply, be sure to remove the Brown-Out Detector IC (it's the transistor-looking IC between the red LED and the two buttons (reset button and big round button).
    If you don't do this and use the board with 3.3V, your microcontroller will be held in reset and nothing will work.
    I just wasted several days banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Removing the brown-out detector IC fixed everything.
    I hope this helps you out.

  • This may seem like a dumb question, but what's the drop-out voltage of the on-board power supplies? If I'm running my dev board at 3.3V, does this mean I'll need a higher supply voltage to compensate for the drop-out voltage of the on-board supplies?
    Also, what's the digital supply voltage? Will I need level translators for the SPI bus lines? (VLSI's website is currently down, so no data sheet right now)
    Thanks for your help.

  • It looks like the Documents section is missing the CD17B10 User Guide which outlines the commands used to communicate with the DOSonCHIP device.
    Is there any way you could post that?

  • I would also pay a (reduced) fee for viewing the class at a later time.

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