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  • Which pi board versions can this physically stack on top of? ( I have a pi 3. ) The pi face web site shows it stacked on a pi, but sparkfun says:

    Note: Though the PiFace is electronically compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+ and the Raspberry Pi 2, it can NOT physically stack on top of them.

    Features:Plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi GPIO socket Fits Directly over the Raspberry Pi and within the Raspberry Pi’s footprint

    Not sure how to read that. Does it stack or not, and if so is it pi version specific?

  • Will this fit the arduino yun? Especially wondeding whether it will fit with a micro SD in the slot?

  • Has anyone else had trouble using this with a raspberry pi + usb wifi NIC? I haven’t yet measured the voltage drop, but I’m pretty sure you need 5.25volts to make up for the drop. I’m getting flaky results with the combination of my rpi + usb nic + this wall charger.
    Some other OSH vendors sell 5.25v adapters specifically to solve a problem that occurs often with USB-powered gadgets: they draw so much current than the resistance of the cable causes a voltage drop.

  • Awsome!

  • I got my ham radio ticket inthe 80s and built a digital keyer, an audio filter, a phone patch and an antenna tuner. I still have the tuner. Good stuff

  • Cool! 73 de NL7FU

  • Great class! Just took it today, and it was a lot of fun. Very psyched about applying the IOIO. Thanks Ytai, Aaron and the other Sparkfun folks that helped.

  • My Android (nook tablet) has no blootooth. I’m wondering if ill have to keep connecting and disconnecting my laptop to/from the nook and the nook to/from the IOIO during the dev/test cycle.

  • It’s retro-futuristic!
    Can we supply our own rotory phone?

  • Last time I drove to pick up my sparkfun order it was 87 miles round trip.
    Now it’s literally a bike ride (about 3 miles) from my house.