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  • If you want to see the gory details, Energizer has provided a helpful summary for those who don't want to buy the docs from the IATA.

  • Have you considered the LTC2943? It supports batteries up to 20V, and talks I2C. (The DFN package is a mild downer, though; that part might be a good candidate for a SFE breakout of its own.)

  • Do you think you could go over keepouts and other such mechanical layout issues in the third video? I, personally, have a penchant for placing bypass caps so close to ICs that they become difficult to solder in place! Also, there is another advantage to having several small barrels set instead of a single large via: the paralleled small vias will have less parasitic inductance.

  • 1206 SMTs are chunky enough to bridge over traces for sure. You may be able to do it with 0805s as well.

  • BT: I know it's not that big of a deal, but you still can't drive it directly from most logic outputs. An SSR would also provide optoisolation...
    BTW, the schematic says that the Tail will still work with the J1 polarity reversed. True, but I don't think the TVS1 snubber will protect the drive circuitry in that case.

    1) Plain old electromagnetic relays (such as the one the Tail uses) provide isolation just as well as their solid state brethen (it's magnetic, not optical, but still works just fine)
    2) TVS1 appears to be a bidirectional TVSS according to the schematic. About the only issue I see with J1's polarity reversed is that the LED no longer works.

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