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  • I've tried this flux and it's working well.

    But effectively a big warning if you don't clean the flux after using it, because it is more conductive that you might think.

    I've used this to transplant a super gameboy cpu to a gameboy and it was not working after the transplant. i've seen like a electrolysis between cpu pins (SMT) when power was applied. anfter cleaning the board everything was working fine ..

  • Hi, i've a question about the LDO regulator in this Arduino Pro. can you tell me which (part) regulator is used? because in the schematics it is not written. I need to know which one is used to check the spec of the part if it is suitable for my project.

    If i put 5V regulated in the external input(or RAW) will i get 5V at VCC? (after the regulator), i ask this because normaly LDO regulator have small dropout voltage but never saw a dropout voltage of 0.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,
    Is it the version v3a or v3b ??

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