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  • Can you still pick up products from the store front tomorrow? I'd like to come pick up a few of those max7219's you got in.

  • They also prevent theft.

  • The mega will provide limited benefits for this shield directly. The on board memory on the mega is higher than the uno which could cause issues with this device depending on where it stores game files, but you can easily add either a sdcard or eeprom to handle larger files. the mega is really beneficial if you;re looking for a much larger number of I/O pins. Where as this seems to have all the required hardware to allow you to make very robust software.

  • Can this receiver pull tag info that is piggy-backed from digital radio stations, like song title and station name?

  • psh, I"m thinking that the next product post should be the start of a trilogy story where a whole lot of automated electronics start attacking the sparkfun employees (possibly because of a new top secret product that goes rogue and wants to take over the world). Then the next two product posts would be sparkfun taking back control and deciding that it's probably best not to sell the crazy product that tried to kill them.

  • I would love to see these supplied with the indicated 25mm throw along side the 10mm version. I have use for both and finding a solenoid supplier I'm comfortable ordering from is turning out to be a unique challenge. That and it's always my preference to support Sparkfun rather than another supplier!

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