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  • I wrote my C code in linux x86 machine. The pressure value vas initially way off so I had to guess what type of variables I use and where to cast them. In the end I got a pressure value that seems to be correct (I have no way to know for sure except the local weather station which is pretty close). I can’t paste the code here as it’s too long.

  • I’ve just got this to work with the Bus Pirate. Great sensor. One note though about the product description… The absolute accuracy is +/- 1 hPa, not 0.03 hPa. Resolution is down to 0.03 hPa.
    Converting the coefficients was the hardest job since the datasheet nor the application note give the conversion formula. It’s only in C-code. And since I’m not that good at C it took a little time to understand how some of the coeffs are negative.
    If you are deciding between this and MPL115A2I2C take this. I have both and MPL115A’s coeffs are way harder to convert (fixed point numbers).

  • This thing is great! I’ve been debugging an I2C pressure sensor for days and with this I finally got it to work.

  • I’d like the I2C version breakout board too. Any news on that?

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