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  • messing around a half year with this board. using BLE and a capacitive moisture sensor to measure and send values in two our interval (BLE notification) - then deep sleep (hibernation state). With two 2500 mAh batteries and this setup the board works 1 week. I don't know whats wrong.

  • You describe to put "off-board Sensors", like soil moisture on pins 25 or 13. These pins are ADC2 pins. The ESP32 documentation describe these pins as in use by the Wifi driver. In this case, these pins just work for measuring while the wifi driver is switched off.

  • 1) more than one sensors:
    I try to connect two inputs at the board: first, battery on Pin 34 (over a voltage divider) to measure the current voltage. That works fine. Second, the SparkFun soil moisture on Pin 36 to measure the moisture. In my case, the moisture sensor don't give correct values, dry soil or pure water - the sensor gives values around 700.(I know about ADC noise, but that couldn't the question) I'm confused, wants wrong. Other port permitted ....? why?
    2) use the sparkfun fuel gauge with the ESP32 board:
    The ESP32 Thing I equipped with a battery loader on board, that's fine. I tried to use the sparkfun fuel gauge to measure the battery capacity. But I'm confused, how to connect both boards.The Sparkfun Fuel gauge/Max17043 data sheet suggest me, it's easy - GND to GND, Plus to ESP32 VBAT Pin, I2C to I2C. But that kills the board.

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