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  • Hello everyone! I’m brand new to this so please excuse any ridiculous questions. :)
    I need a logger that will record position more often than 1 second. I was thinking (hoping) that I could accomplish such a feat with this board. My intent is to parse out the GPS data and infer position (using the accelerometer data) to fill in the gaps between the 1 second GPS interval. The logic here being if you know where you are now, and you know where you are in a second from now, AND you have the acceleration data between those two points then it seems reasonable that a script could be devised to infer a track between those two points. Right?
    My first question (I guess) would be should I even be looking at this board for this, or can anyone recommend a better way to do this? Second question would be, has anyone out there already written scripts that use accelerometer data to calculate a track between two known GPS points?
    Eternally grateful,

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