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  • Do not use these joysticks as replacements for the Xbox 360 controller, despite a seemingly popular DIY repair site article suggesting them. There may be nothing wrong with the joystick itself for other projects, but they do not function correctly in said controllers. This joystick has a deadzone (approx. 10 deg) and then they gradually move up the range to about 0.3 (float value between 0.0 to 1.0) whereby they then have a small range of motion all the way up to 1.0 creating jerky movement. They are not nearly as smooth as the original joysticks nor have the proper range of motion.

    I replaced the left joystick of my controller with this joystick. In Project Cars 2, the steering was jerky, which required constant left and right corrective steering to maintain control of the car. I then changed the in-game controller binds for the player character's free look between this joystick and the original joystick and immediately noticed the difference in smoothness between the two, with this joystick being jerky. I suspect the potentiometers in this joystick and the ones in another joystick I purchased off of an eBay seller which also has the exact same jerky movement, simply do not function correctly in an Xbox 360 controller.

    I bought these despite having read other comments below that described the same problem. Also note that this joystick is different than the one I bought off of eBay and also different from the photograph displayed by sparkfun. The ones I received have black potentiometers with brown innards. The eBay version has green potentiometers, similar to the ones in sparkfun's advertisement. Finally, the supplied nubs do not fit through the hole of an Xbox 360 controller. You'll have to use your originals, which do fit these joystick's plastic stems or buy new ones.

    Your only choice may be to buy such replacements and replace their potentiometers with the originals, because they otherwise feel similar.

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