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  • The example code provided for getting started drving the LCD ASCII display (e.g., LCD-09395) didn’t work. The code below fills the first and second lines with alphabetic and numeric characters, respectively. Just load the upload the code (I used an Arduino Duemilanove), and then connect the LCD display’s ground wire to GND, its Vcc wire to +5V, and its signal wire to digital pin 1 (TX). Feel free to post this code; it might help other newbies like me get started with the LCD dislay.
    // Sparkfun_Serial_Enabled_LCD_display_001
    // Sample code to write something from Arduino into Sparkfun Serial_Enabled_LCD_display
    // http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9393
    //Jonaskj | March 20, 2010 at 9:44 AM1
    //Sample to get you started. Simply connect rx pin to pin 1(rx), and apply power to the LCD.
    //include define txPin 1
    // include the SoftwareSerial library so you can use its functions:


    define txPin 1

    SoftwareSerial LCD = SoftwareSerial(0, txPin); // since the LCD does not send data back to the Arduino, we should only define the txPin
    void setup() { pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT); LCD.begin(9600); delay (1000);
    void loop() {
    void selectLineOne() {
    //puts the cursor at line 0 char 0.
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(128, BYTE); //position
    void selectLineTwo() {
    //puts the cursor at line 0 char 0.
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(192, BYTE); //position
    void clearLCD(){
    LCD.print(0xFE, BYTE); //command flag
    LCD.print(0x01, BYTE); //clear command.

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