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  • Can this camera run at 320x240 resolution?Did any one try.Because I want to use opencv on the Pi and the algos work better at 320x240 rather than at 640x480 or higher resolution.

  • Can CANOpen be used or implemented with this shield?Guys please let me know.I have a motor controller which speaks over CANOpen and I literally have no idea about CAN or CANOpen.How is CANOpen different from CAN.


  • It would be interesting to see the sensor responses and the image quality with the other two sensors https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11195 the cylindrical one and the Avago ADJD sensor.

  • It is possible to sweep the servos with a resolution of 180/(1400 to 1800) Us. You could either write the custom PWM code in WinAvr or even by modifying the Arduino servo lib to taken in the angle argument to be the pulsewidth rather than the angle. Instead of using a rack and pinion gear arrangment you could use a pulley and timing belt with smaller teeth using the same servos and you would get a resolution equal to that of the steppers with the same servos. It is a really nice project. I like you idea of taking the basic fundamental and working on it. At a fundamental level you are creating some thing new. I was thinking if the the frequency of the operation of the color sensor is high say at 1000 Hz then could it be possible to use a scanning/rotating mirror arrangement to read light back.I know the reverse is possible using a laser. If you keep a rotating mirror before a laser then you get a line instead of a dot. And if you have second mirror which rotates perpendicularly to the first and also does a second reflection of the laser you can get an entire X-Y image out of this laser projector arrangement. I was thinking what if one can read light back with such an arrangement.I wonder if additional focusing optics would be required? But if this works then one can reduce the scan time by a huge factor and may be even read successive frames as in a video.

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