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  • Thanks Pete, This is perfect. I had been messing with the keypad library previously, so getting this up and running should be pretty easy. I have a busy couple of weeks, but once I get it up and running, I'll post back. Thanks again!

  • Is the source code for the firmware available? I checked the github page and saw the compiled hex. I want to adapt this concept to a 4x4 keypad such as https://cdn.sparkfun.com//assets/parts/1/3/1/6/0/14881-Keypad_-_16_Button-04.jpg I figure I would do away with the pin devoted to address select and hard-code the address in and use that pin to cover the additional column. ...Or if SparkFun wants to offer what I am proposing as a product, I'd gladly purchase it. Either way, I am trying to integrate a 4x4 in to my project and I have limited I/O available especially after the OLD on the 8266 that I am using, so i2C seems the perfect solution..... https://i.imgur.com/c1jCWzw.png

  • This looks familiar...


  • I created a digital clock with these displays. I made a BackPack PCB that uses the TPIC6A595's so you can daisy chain them. A link to a video demo is on my page here... http://damage-designs.com/blog/2011/5/28/arduino-based-large-digital-clock-with-7-segment-display.html

    The PCB files themselves are up on OSHPark.... http://oshpark.com/profiles/Damage


  • Would diffused leds work better? (eliminate the spot in the centers).

  • Is there a way to modify one or more of these (and bezels) to have a different number of columns besides multiples of 2/4? I need a 5x12 grid. I want to make a digital version of the boardgame Mastermind.

  • This is really interesting. I can't wait to see your results. I hope you have a safe trip. I am really interested in the teardown, I might copy this project :), been wanting to do something with a geiger counter for a while. Did you use uranium samples in testing?.. http://unitednuclear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_4&products_id=460

  • Regarding the big dome switches, Do you guys sell an LED retrofit for those of us who have the older red ones with the lamp? Or know where we can get one?

  • Does this stuff need to be stored refrigerated like the leaded stuff after opening?

  • The segments appear to be symmetrical. They also look like they could easily be desoldered but I have not tried myself. I think you could desolder each one individually, flip each 180 in place and resolder and probably convert it to common cathode that way.

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