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  • Doh… Found the button in the SkyTraq 0.4.503 software. The one at the bottom in the middle that says “Download”. Who would have thought?
    Stopped the GPS just in case. Uploaded prom.bin at 115200 baud, took longer to flash than to upload. Acts like a different GPS now. TTFF seems much faster. May store
    last postion in FLASH on power down? I will try more different power up locations and see. THX Ken

  • How do you upload the firmware to the part? My GPS says 1.4.40, the update indicates 1.4.94. Is there any benifit to uploading the new firmware?
    Seems to work well. A little slow to first fix from cold start. Altitude very slow to settle (compared to other units), MAP330, Garmin something, Magellen car model.
    Linked configuration software works great. Change in SRAM if you are chicken, commit to FLASH after it works. I got the PPS at 4 second rate before I tied the backup power pin to 3.3V and the mode with a pullup. THX Ken

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