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  • This code does not seem to work for this encoder. Works fine for a quadrature type with 2 outputs. This guy only has one.

  • I need help. I am exhausted and nothing seems to work for this encoder. How do I wire it including resistors etc?Can someone help with sample code? Nothing I have tried returned any results. I do not need directional travel. I will be calculating speed of a manufacturing line so this is what I thought I needed but I cannot get any output signals.

  • Has anyone had success using the DeadOn RTC with a redboardTurbo? I have tried several solutions and still get errors that it will not compile for the board. Specifically library issues.

  • SerialUSB

    I have been working on this as well with the same errors - your fix is not working for my sketch unfortunately. Specifically I am utilizing the SparkFunDS3234RTC library.

  • would it be possible to hook wires to the pins in the battery terminal to "read" the temperature using an Arduino?

    looking to automatically write temperatures to a log file when a measurement is taken.

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