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  • I got it to work on Serial3….The Due has three additional Serials so I did not need to use the AltSoftSerial that you have in your Arduino Library. So after I removed all the references to AltSoftSerial and changed “WTSerial” to “Serial3” it works, as you said it would.

  • Thank You,

    I saw the project with the Arduino Yun but until your last post I was mot sure about the wire connections. Since the Arduino Due would be damaged by having 5 volts on its pins.

    So do I need to use a logic level converter or does the TX/RX work on 3.3 volts? I think the YUN is 5 volts.

    I guess I’ll start out with the logic level converters because I don’t want to risk burning out the Due.

    However If you can tell me if I can get away without using logic level converters, that would be very helpful.

  • Is there a simple sketch available for triggering the WAV files through the FTDI or the SPI or even I2C from an Arduino?

    I’m using an Arduino Due and would like to be able to trigger more than 16 files from the Due without having to use multiple boards, and even though the Due has a lot of pins, and runs fast, having 16 or more wires is a lot of wires, especially if I can reduce the number of wires to four or five. I also want to be able to trigger multiple files simultaneously and would like to dynamically impose small delays so I can use one file for one ear and another file for the other ear and play with the stereo effects. But right now I really really would like to know how to trigger WAV files through the SPI or the I2C from an Arduino.

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