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  • Yep, that's what Robert did in the product video. He got his iPhone 3G to pair, and play some relaxing lounge music. It was a very classy moment.

  • Oh Hai, Mad Lolz. Looking at the Eagle files. It looks like SparkFun didn't do any thing with these pins at all.

  • Thanks. It's really insightful. I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing.

  • It's got the GIPOs, so in theory you could connect any thing to it. But reading the data sheet it doesn't appear that RN-52 (with current firmware) has a way of reading or parsing ID3 tags from a device that would be pulled over AVRCP. Nor can you push arbitrary data over the GPIOs i.e a connection to LCD . If someone can prove me wrong, please, please do so. I want this functionality as well, but it appears doubtful.

  • I can see benefits to buying the BoB. 1.) Tested design 2.) Sturdy construction 3.) Access all the PINS!. However, the down side is cost and size. I'm wanting to build a bluetooth receiver for my car and won't need all the pins (Volume control and GPIOs). The module pin spacing looks pretty easy to solder. The only complication that I can see are those four pads on the bottom for RF ground. Because I'm an RF noob I have two questions: 1.) Do I need to connect them? 2.) Can I just tie them to the ground pins on the left and right side of the module?

  • It's been often asked what happens in the north pole during the summer months. Most elves brush up on their soldering skills.

  • This is a total noob question: What advantages/disadvantages does this have over an Oscilloscope? I'm wanting to look at mostly square waves (arduino SPI and Serial) so I don't see the need to have something as precise as an o-scope

  • I guess while we are at it, can we have one down here in San Diego Too?!

    Holy crap, that, can only mean one thing...


    Please, we are so so so thirsty for knowledge.

  • Can any one tell me how bright this thing gets when used with the 3v inverter? I'm working on a armband to be worn when exercising for my Mid-Term project. I need the EL tape to be bright enough to not be drowned out by the florescent lights that would be found at Generic Gym in Anytown USA. I kinda need to know ASAP.