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  • hi, you should read it with the serial object: 9600 bauds and 8 databits as arguments should work. Then you need to program a bit to get usable infos. Send me a private if you need more help and I can send you the patch I did.

  • Hi, I had exactly the same problem: how could it be that I cannot track the LED that I’m seeing so synchronized with the heart pulse??
    After a couple of hours testing I fortunately got the solution, or at least a work around:
    1 - set the raw mode: S+0+CR (ascii commands)
    2 - get the heart rate data: G+1+CR (id.) as fast as possible (every 60ms is fine for me)
    3 - then you get 3 values from the hrmi: status byte, count and heart rate. Count is the key value, since it count pulses and changes every time a new pulse arrive; if you read the heart rate data fast enough, then you’ll get a new count value every time the pulse ticks.
    After that everything is a software matter. I used Max/Msp to read the data and in the same software I can convert this changing of count values into impulses that, in my case, trigger a sound.
    I hope this can help you.

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