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A walk-through of building what turned out to be a complicated prop.

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We all know that women are not only a minority in technical fields, but are often not encouraged to go into such fields. Here are a few ways to encourage and support the girls/women in our lives who are interested in technical fields.

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Installing an Arduino Bootloader

December 4, 2013

This tutorial will teach you what a bootloader is, why you would need to install/reinstall it, and go over the process of doing so.

How to Use a Breadboard

May 14, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of breadboards. Here we will learn what a breadboard is and how to use one to build your very first circuit.
  • As it is not a huge seller our system doesn’t tell us to reorder until we are out of stock. Feel free to place an order for the number you need and once the backorder is in the system we should order more. I’ll see about getting more in though.

  • Try here

  • Sorry about the delay. Yes this does support programming over ICSP. In fact we actually don’t burn the bootloaders on these until they are assembled and do so over ICSP. If you are still having problems feel free to email techsupport@sparkfun.com

  • Sorry about the delay in responding. The auto reset should definitely work, it is possibly there is something wrong with the board or the FTDI basic board. If you are still having problems feel free to email techsupport@sparkfun.com

  • Try emailing techsupport@sparkfun.com. Also check out the product page for the weather shield, there is a whole thread on compatibility with the Yun.

  • I’ll look into it, but it isn’t really necessary. None of the parts on the shield use the additional pins and the pass through feature is unnecessary as well since this is going to be a top level shield. I’m sure when this does get revised it will get an R3 layout, but that maybe a while.

  • We actually have quite a few boards that we give royalties on, and release as open source. Usually a royalty agreement is put in place with a collaborator who has something to offer us, sometimes that is board design, sometimes code, etc. When someone else gives us something of value we try to pay them appropriately. In the case of the Arduinos we get to build a blue board that says Arduino on it (Arduino is open source, but the name is still trademarked). It also becomes an official board, the board files are native in the IDE and it is listed on their site as an official Arduino board. Those are some pretty nice perks, and in return we give them a portion of the profits to help them keep the IDE up to date. In other words it is a win-win situation.

  • A bit late, but I’d start with this kit. There are 2 reasons that not ‘everything’ is included in this kit. The first is some of the examples in the book are redundant. I believe the first example is plugging 2 XBees into 2 different computers and chatting between them. That is mostly likely the only time you would need two XBee Explorer USB boards since they are usually just used to setup the modules or read data from a remote sensor. So we didn’t add in a second $15 board. The 2nd reason would be complete with an advance kit. At one point we did carry one, but discontinued it partly because of sales. The first 80% of the book or so involves setting up the modules and using them to read data and sent to other XBees. This is also about a 99% use case. The last 20% of the book involves a gateway which is basically an internet connected device with built in XBee for posting things to the internet. I believe that part was about $100 so adding that to a kit for a 1% use case didn’t seem like a good idea. So, this kit doesn’t necessarily have everything to do every example in the book, but I would say it does come with everything needed to learn the basics of XBees. If you have any questions about parts or the book you can always email us directly at techsupport@sparkfun.com

  • A bit late, but we generally don’t publish the BOM. We don’t mind giving out that information but rarely do people need it. Also, we try not to divulge all of our supplier information to our competitors, but if you email techsupport@sparkfun.com they should be able to send you a BOM for pretty much anything you need.

  • Easier said than done in this case. SD storage is done over SPI, but on the Microview the screen also uses SPI. Because we figure that the SPI bus is going to be busy with the screen and we had limited number of pins available on the package we didn’t breakout these pins. If you want to do SD storage look into adding the OpenLog, it is designed to just log whatever data is sent over the serial lines, but it does have an ATMega328 that you can reprogram to do whatever you need it to.

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