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A walk-through of building what turned out to be a complicated prop.

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We all know that women are not only a minority in technical fields, but are often not encouraged to go into such fields. Here are a few ways to encourage and support the girls/women in our lives who are interested in technical fields.

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SD Cards and Writing Images

June 4, 2015

How to upload images to an SD card for Raspberry Pi, PCDuino, or your favorite SBC.

Installing an Arduino Bootloader

December 4, 2013

This tutorial will teach you what a bootloader is, why you would need to install/reinstall it, and go over the process of doing so.

How to Use a Breadboard

May 14, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of breadboards. Here we will learn what a breadboard is and how to use one to build your very first circuit.
  • The shipping weight is listed as 5.6384lbs. So that does include all the packaging, but doesn’t include the Pi. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • For those curious as to how our stock works our resellers do buy directly online. Having some “set aside” for resellers seems to us even more unfair to our customers. But we also tend to work with our distributors directly to ensure we can get them what they need without causing problems for the rest of our customers. We also recently added a link on product pages of where to go if you need large quantities.

  • The actual cutting tool isn’t controlled by the kit at all. While the Dremel Tool is likely much smaller than the mounting hole assuming you can find a way to mount it will you should be able to use a Dremel with no problem.

  • Those ‘bosses’ are there to help give the connector a bit of stability and prevent it from moving around too much. This part should be in a SparkFun Eagle library as well including drill hits for those holes if that helps.

  • With those switches we never have a default setting, while they are good at staying put they are too easily bumped when in a bin or shipping to count on that switch being in the same location when you get it.

  • The Blynk App itself is free to use and comes with a few energy credits. Basically the energy lets you add more widgets and more advanced widgets. 15k is quite a bit of energy and it sounds like you can recycle widgets and get 80% of that energy back as well. For more information check out the announcement on their forums. As for the app, I’d check their forums and posts, but my guess is they are aware about it and working on it.

  • Right now we only have the one version, the power supply is rated at 240V, so you can use it with an adapter or find a power supply locally. We’re always looking at how our products work and sell internationally but it can get tricky selling different version (and they never actually sell well).

  • The older one accidentally got ordered as 1.6mm PCB (standard thickness). These are 0.8mm which is what we use for most of our wearable boards. So just the thinner PCB.

  • Sorry about that. The LEDs are actually being discontinued and so we flipped the switches to stop buying the entire line. It looks like we just ran out of the breakout boards first. I’ll look into bringing the board back for a limited time

  • That should work fine. The Pro Mini will only be running at 3.3V which for 16MHz is technically out of spec, but does tend to work.

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