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A walk-through of building what turned out to be a complicated prop.

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We all know that women are not only a minority in technical fields, but are often not encouraged to go into such fields. Here are a few ways to encourage and support the girls/women in our lives who are interested in technical fields.

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Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

July 13, 2017

Learn how to setup, configure and use the smallest Raspberry Pi yet, the Raspberry Pi Zero - Wireless.

TB6612FNG Hookup Guide

September 29, 2016

Basic hookup guide for the TB6612FNG H-bridge motor driver.

SD Cards and Writing Images

June 4, 2015

How to upload images to an SD card for Raspberry Pi, PCDuino, or your favorite SBC.

Installing an Arduino Bootloader

December 4, 2013

This tutorial will teach you what a bootloader is, why you would need to install/reinstall it, and go over the process of doing so.

How to Use a Breadboard

May 14, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of breadboards. Here we will learn what a breadboard is and how to use one to build your very first circuit.
  • Raspberry Pis are hard for most retailers. The demand is high, and the profits low (or in some cases non existent) and the distributor agreement limits what we can do. But everyone is limiting these to 1 because the Raspberry Pi Foundation requires us to do so. Unfortunately this means either we give you a limit of 1 or a limit of 0 (we don’t carry it). Having gone to Microcenter with my dad and brother to buy Pi Zeros I understand your frustration, we’d love to be able to sell you 10 and make a profit, unfortunately that’s not an option at the moment.

  • Sorry… All the parts should be fairly accessible and the board files are on the page. You can definitely get your own PCBs made, but we no longer carry the kit.

  • The board is assembled as shown in the majority of the pictures (it does not come with the Redboard or with the headers), but everything has been soldered and the board has been tested. For small orders the best way to calculate shipping is to add the item to your cart and try to check out. The first screen will give you a list of all shipping options for your address as well as their costs. For large orders please email customerservice@sparkfun.com and they can help you out with more information. All orders do ship with an invoice and you will receive an email conformation with it as well. As long as the item is in stock it should ship in a day or two, the rest depends on your shipping method and your countries customs process.

  • Sorry, it looks like the breakout board is old enough that we didn’t put the files online for it. You can try emailing techsupport@sparkfun.com and they might be able to find it for you. You’d still have to order your own boards and assemble them by hand, but unfortunately we don’t have any more in stock.

  • I agree with you on a lot of this. I had one of these and it was great for getting working projects. Horrible for learning why the circuits worked. I haven’t had a chance to look at the new manuals, but I’m hoping things have improved. If not there are now a lot of resources online that weren’t there when we were kids. I think it you are already interested finding those resources shouldn’t be too hard.

  • A large part of the problem is probably just the amount of time it takes to send commands to that many LEDs (plus all the other things the board is trying to do). You might try an Arduino board with a much faster processing speed that can handle that many instructions. But grabbing a second Arduino and splitting things up might be just as easy/cheap.

  • Yep, it is an ATMega328 so it has all the same pin functions as an Uno (with the addition of A6 and A7). The 6 PWM pins are circled on the board (thin white line around the pin hole).

  • Thickness - 0.040" (1.02mm), this is part A14162-27 (TFLEX 240V0 9X9").

  • Probably not. If we ever need to use a footprint for something we might make one and add it, but as you can see that does not result in a large selection.

  • The SparkFun Eagle Library does have about 15 of our boards in it (although not this screen or the big easy driver). If you find one please let us know and feel free to send us any you make via a pull request.


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