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  • Thanks for the quick reply! I will definitely look into it. And I just have another question. When I was looking for the frequency of resonance, the current was lower while the LED had a brighter light. For example, at 40 KHz the current was stronger than at 200 KHz even though, at 200 KHz, the LED was giving a brighter light. Do you think the issue is my source or just my mesuring tools?

  • Hi Alex, I am currently building your circuits. I am able to make a magnet levitate (and the LED with the coil). I am also able to power the LED by induction. However, I am not able to make the LED levitate and light up at the same time. I was wondering if you had any ideas as to why I am not able to do both things simultaneously. Thank you!

  • Great! thanks :)

  • Hey there, I'm trying to recreate the set up you made and i was wondering what kind of wire you used for the inductor. Thanks!

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