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  • I have a system which needs to charge a battery by either a PD power supply or a non PD power supply - the user may connect one kind or the other and I have no control over that.

    The battery is charged using a TI charger IC.

    I want to design my system so that in any case, power will be available to the charger IC and I was thinking of using this board but connect the VBUS pin DIRECTLY to the charger IC (which can handle 5 to 15 volts). I see two options here:

    If a PD power supply is connected, the 4500 will negotiate a contract and the agreed power will be supplied on VBUS. If a non PD power supply is connected, the 4500 will negotiate nothing but in any case VBUS will have power (since any regular USB C power supply will power that pin)

    Do you think this can work?

  • Thank you Nate. One last question: Assume I have everything working i.e base is sending correction data to the rover and rover knows exactly where it is and now I wish to upload this data to the cloud - is there way to extract this data from the rover?

  • Hi Nate,

    One quick question please: How many bytes are contained in an RTCM transmission from a base to a rover?

    Thank you, Nir

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