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  • Product BOB-00718 | about a year ago

    Obviously the Arduino bootloader isn’t going to be able to be used with a tiny. However, I had pretty good success using this BOB hooked up to the TX/RX so that I could use softwareserial to debug my code.

  • News - New Product Friday: Shiel… | about a year ago

    I work for a company like this as well. No fun having hippies who believe everything should be free and great. Except if you want to…have fun.

  • News - January Caption Contest | about a year ago

    In Soviet Russia, component solder you.

  • Product BOB-00718 | about a year ago

    Has anyone had any experience with using this BOB with an ATtiny85 and the Arduino IDE?

  • News - 10 Year Anniversary | about a year ago

    I had tried back in the early 2000’s to learn how all this electrical stuff works and I was probably too impatient at the time. Flash forward about 8-9 years and the Arduino comes along and Sparkfun is a major player in that market. I couldn’t have learned half of what I’ve learned over the past few years without Sparkfun. I actually have my first “alpha model” (we’ll call it) prototype of a project that I just finished today sitting on my desk to my left.

    Thanks Sparkfun for the way you do things and the learning that you encourage. Here’s to 10 more.

  • Product SEN-11282 | about a year ago

    Thanks, it gets cold in WI!

  • Product SEN-11282 | about a year ago

    I see there is a temperature rating of -40 to 85 °C on the BMP085, do you have a temperature rating available for the other components used in the breakout board?

  • News - New Product Friday: Some … | about 2 years ago

    Nick, after you cut out the acrylic, what did you do to “weld” or glue the pieces together to get your cube? Just hot glue?

  • News - New Product Friday: Cubel… | about 2 years ago

    Very cool product, and it should have been left at that I think is the overall theme here. If that one little comment would have been left out of his commentary everyone on this thread would be talking about the bots. Instead you have a mini debate about intelligent design, god, etc and not about electronics and the wonderful things you can create from them and what they can teach you.

  • Product COM-11218 | about 2 years ago

    After scaring the crap out of my dog and deeming this thing needed to be put away (for now), the damn thing gave me a pretty good, I’d say 5x static shock as far as pain factor. Do be careful and always discharge, don’t be an idiot like me :P

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