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  • UPDATE: A total of three encoders of the 5 I bought have this problem. I further analyzed the problem and I noticed that the rotary shaft of the faulty rgb encoders has a margin (it rattles a bit unlike the shaft of the working rgb encoders). I was able to fix the encoder I dismantled by tightening it better. I’m not sure how it will hold in time since the metal claws are a bit fragile now due to the bending.

    The rotary encoders that failed: 1) hand-soldered ~250°C, knob added and removed, dismantled, tightened back, works better now (shaft rattles less) 2) hand-soldered ~250°C, knob added and removed, shaft rattles a lot 3) brand-new from the bag, not soldered, no knob added to this one, seems not to have that clicky feeling so pronounced.

    Sparkfun, I thought you sell better products, really… I was thinking to return them but the shipping to USA is like $40-50… It’s more expensive than the total value of these 5 encoders plus the original shipping… It ain’t worth it sending them back…

    I wonder if anyone else has problems with these encoders. Please let me know about this.

    Regards, ro0ter

  • Bad quality encoders received. I don’t know where to post this, so I add a comment. I have seen that SparkFun moderators often post answers and/or hints to user comments/questions. Looking forward for this.

    I’m sorry to say this, but the encoders you sent me are of poor quality. The “rest position” of the encoders is actually connecting one of the outputs to the common if resting in a 120-degrees area (maybe more). I state that I did not subject the encoders to any mechanical factors except when adding the clear plastic knob on top of them (extreme care is taken, I was never even close to the 5kgf in the datasheet).

    The encoders seem to be faulty. I will test the remaining 3 encoders this afternoon and keep you updated with the results. I noticed this problem yesterday late-evening while struggling with Gray debouncing inside the code. For two thirds of the rotation the algorithm worked but for one third it didn’t. I have also tested the encoders against two LEDs, that is how I noticed the awkward “rest position”… I only tested 2 encoders (of the 5 I bought last month) and both seem to have the same problem. I dismantled one of the two faulty encoders but I saw no problem; I’ve put it back and it works the same. Still, maybe the leads are miss-aligned, my eye-meter isn’t micrometer-accurate. The second faulty encoder was not dismantled but it behaves the same.

    Any hint?

    Thanks, ro0ter

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