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  • I soldered a magnetometer on the OilPAN <br /> Then I uploaded the test code for compass to get offsets and everything was working well and I decided to load SuperStable code.<br /> <br /> I switched off everything, in order to plug the MTK-GPS. Then plug back the usb wire and led�s stared to blink as usual. I decided to get latitude from GPS, to check it last time, before uploading the fying code and I moved a quad close to the window to see satellites.<br /> I saw that gps plug are a bit skewed in the socket, and I have corrected it and the board suddenly died.... Led's are not blinking anymore.....<br /> I tried to start it without any external parts but not managed.<br /> <br /> The apm is not working at all, neither from external power, nor from FTDI cable.<br /> RIP<br /> <br /> But the OilPAN seems to work, at least led�s are working when I plug it to usb without APM.<br /> <br /> I checked the fuse on APM and it work, but I have no idea what to check else.....<br /> Probably someone could guess, what to check or replace in order to resuscitate it?<br /> Victor.

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