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  • I also am having trouble getting the motor to run as fast as I want . I'm using the sparkfun NEMA17 motors but have tried others too. My motors are rotating about 1-2 rev / sec. I'm using the accelstepper library (see below) code but have also used other code (stepper library).

    I'm following the diagram for jumping the microstep pins to ground to set the resolution to FULL STEP (MS1, MS2, and MS3 jumped to Ground) assuming FULL STEP means quickest speed (right?)

    However the motors run really slow (like 10 RPM) , but when MS1 is jumped to ground and MS3 and MS2 are floating it seems to run about 1-2 rev/sec but that's still too slow. I assume I can run these motors much faster and I'm not understanding something about the motor driver.

    FYI using arduino w/ library accelstepper : this is what I have in the loop stepper.setMaxSpeed(20000); stepper.setSpeed(20000); stepper.runSpeed();

  • This stepper motor driver is getting very hot. i am following the wiring exactly in the bildr article and using 30 V. However I tried with 20V, 18V, it is all making the chip pretty hot. is this normal? the amperage draw is between 0.3 and 0.7 for my motor. That is well within the big easy drivers rating. any suggestions?

  • Hey - I am using this with the ftdi basic breakout. I have explorer 5V to breakout VCC gnd to gnd DOUT to RX DIN to TX

    I tried switching the wires too but I'm still not geting "OK" in coolTerm with i do +++ My xbees work and respond when I use the regular xbee explorer sparkfun product, directly connected via usb to my computer. I'm not sure what else to try? Someone in the forum above said this does work but ... I can't get it to ...thanks!

  • I am wondering how to limit the current - I am using this with the bigEasyDriver, supplying it 12 V. It is drawing up to 1.6 amps but you're saying limit the current to under 1A? Also, how do you know the 1 amp current limiting? I didnt see itin the datasheet

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