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  • And finally a blog post showing how I chose to drive the display: http://bikerglen.com/blog/driving-a-sparkfun-48-segment-rgb-led-bar-graph/

  • Added a photo to github too.

  • I created a carrier board to hold the display and a driver board to drive the display. The driver board has an interface similar to that of the Sparkfun 32x32 RGB LED panels. With my boards, any hardware that can drive one of the 32x32 panels can be used to drive the 48-segment bar graph with only some small software tweaks. The Eagle schematic and board files are in my github repository: https://github.com/bikerglen/sparkfun-rgb-bar-graph

  • I did a few projects / write ups / tutorials using a Xilinx Spartan 6 to drive the Sparkfun 32x32 RGB LED panels:



    Edit: meant this as a reply to BadGUI below (above?). Grrr.

  • I’ve done it twice now. Nothing like letting a 6.2L V8 idle in the driveway for an hour+ waiting for updates to install. The last update was worth it though—it solved most of the major issues with the system.

  • Nothing official, but I built an aluminum panel to hold six of these using Front Panel Express and their free design software. Check out the mechanical directory in my github repository for the .fpd files. Complete project description on my blog.

  • I agree. Agilent makes great stuff. My new Agilent 34461A is incredible.

  • Fluke, Tektronix, and Keithley are all owned by Danaher.

  • I’m driving one of these panels with a BeagleBone Black and a LogiBone FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9) board. I could take it to 6 to 8 panels pretty easily.

  • Nothing 802.3af compliant…needs different magnetics.

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