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  • Has anyone tried to interact with this breakout board via a bus pirate in SPI mode? I have connected the bus pirate to the ADXL345 breakout board and also connected a Saleae Logic Analyzer (e.g. I can see bus pirate driving SPI reasonably). The problem is I see no response from the ADXL345. The odd thing is when I toggle the power (bus pirate "W" and "w" command), the voltage varies between 3.3 and 2.5volts respectively. In other words, there appears to be some back current. I have tired this on two different ADXL345 breakout boards with the same results.

    While I see lots of code using this device in I2C mode, I find very little on using in via SPI. Anybody have any insights into what is happening,...why the odd back current on Vcc when powered off?

    BTW I am able to successfully interact with a LIS3DH accelerometer in SPI mode just fine with this same bus pirate.

    Some details about my Bus Pirate Bus Pirate v3.a Firmware v6.1 r1676 Bootloader v4.1 DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) http://dangerousprototypes.com

    The Bus Pirate command sequence use for testing: setup and read DEVID register (0x00)

    HiZ>m 1. HiZ 2. 1-WIRE 3. UART 4. I2C 5. SPI 6. 2WIRE 7. 3WIRE 8. LCD x. exit(without change)

    (1)>5 Set speed: 1. 30KHz 2. 125KHz 3. 250KHz 4. 1MHz

    (1)>4 Clock polarity: 1. Idle low *default 2. Idle high

    (1)>2 Output clock edge: 1. Idle to active 2. Active to idle *default

    (2)>2 Input sample phase: 1. Middle *default 2. End

    (1)> CS: 1. CS 2. /CS *default

    (2)> Select output type: 1. Open drain (H=Hi-Z, L=GND) 2. Normal (H=3.3V, L=GND)


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