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  • Solved my problem...for those that might have run into a similar issue. I hadn't soldered the jumpers to enable the pullups on the expansion port. The controller must've detected there was an error on the i2c bus and initiated some other timeout delay...more than just a "did not receive an ID from a slave and increment the poll count". Probably timed out that whole process after 30 seconds.

  • I am currently controlling the SCMD via SPI (< 1MHz). Is it normal for it to take ~30 seconds to enumerate? From the documentation it seems enumeration should end around ~1 sec. I have implemented my own driver based off the github driver, but my ready() function is blocking very consistently for about 30 seconds. Once it returns true, everything seems to work very well after that. Is there a way I can force it to not enumerate if I only have one master (no slaves) in my design?


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